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How To Deal With A Refrigerator That Leaks

Every time a fridge leaks the first solution to come to the owner’s mind is to call the maintenance man. A leaking fridge is the biggest indicator that something is wrong with it. If you are not a person who can fix things themselves calling a maintenance person is the best option. However, if no other options are available to you, here are some tips and tricks that you can try:

Check the Refrigerator Seal

In most cases, a fridge is leaking because of the door not being sealed properly. This makes the fridge work harder to keep up the cool temperature, which results in condensation accumulating on the coils and drip onto the floor. Look to see if there is a problem with the rubber that is sealing the doors. You can clean the rubber seals with petroleum jelly to get the seal fixed. Make sure that the fridge is leaning backward, as a front-leaning fridge can also cause a door to not seal.

Is your Drain Pan damaged?

If the drain pan of the refrigerator is broken, you will have a leaking fridge. Every fridge gives out excess water into a drain pan. Drain pans are located under your fridge. The appliance repair expert in Woodbridge can take it out and check if there is a damage there. If there is, just get it replaced.

What about the Defrost Drain?

Maybe the leak in your refrigerator is causing water to pool on the inside of the fridge and not on the outside. This is due to a dirty or clogged defrost drain. Since the defrost drain is located in the freezer, it can freeze. The easy way to fix this is to bathe it in warm water to defreeze. If the defrost drain is clogged, take out your refrigerator manual to see where exactly it is located and get it clean again.

Maybe it’s the ice maker

It is extremely rare that an ice maker can be the cause of a leaky fridge. If you cannot find the source of the leak, it doesn’t so any harm to check it out. There’s maybe a crack that is causing water to drip into your freezer.

Do you still have doubts?

Are you still unable to find the source of the leak or none of the above solutions are working? Go ahead and call the maintenance man. If a refrigerator is leaking that means that there is a problem with it. If there is any other liquid leaking from your fridge be sure to schedule a maintenance appointment immediately. It could be refrigerant, which is toxic and needs to be dealt with to avoid health risks for you and your family.