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How Do I Decide To Repair Or Replace My Appliances?

You need to consider the difference it will make, if your appliance needs a small fix or a replacement. You will want to consider how long appliances should last and the cost of repair or replacement. Though not all of these repair jobs can be done on your own and you need an appliance repair expert in Woodbridge, there are some issues you can easily fix or have some of the most common appliance problems. Here is a quick list of problems that can be repaired and some indicators that it is time to replace.

Washer Problems

Some of the issues that you can fix yourself includes when the water temperature is not right. You could replace your washing machines temperature selector switch. If the washing machine overfills, you could replace the washer’s water-level pressure switch. If your washing machine makes noises or vibrates, consider replacing the washer spin basket. If the door of your washing machine will not lock or open, replace the washing machines door lock assembly. If your machine is 10 years old or older, and you have determined it needs costly repairs, it may be time for a new one.

Dryer Problems

There are easy fixes for your dryer. If the dryer is running but not heating, it could be the thermal fuse. If the thermal fuse is broken it needs to be replaced. If your dryer shakes and vibrates, you need to replace the drum seal. If your dryer is closer to being 15 years then it is best to buy new one, as it might require frequent repairs.


Just like any other appliance, there are issues that you will encounter with the refrigerator. The most common is that the door does not close properly and will need a new door seal. If the light does not come on when you open the door, it is time to install a new bulb in your fridge. You may have more complicated issues like a leak, or the ice maker not working. Maybe you find there is no water in the dispenser or maybe your fridge is not cooling properly. If these more complicated issues do arise call an expert. Now consider the age of your refrigerator. If it is been in the family more than 13 years, it may need to retire.


You can DIY with these common dishwasher problems such as if you encounter the dishwasher stopping mid-cycle, it could be the door not closing properly. If this is the issue, replace the dishwasher door latch assembly. You might want to replace the door seal, if water is leaking. You dishes are not drying, it is time to replace the high-limit thermostat. If you dishwasher is not filling with enough water, replace the water inlet valve of your machine. If this appliance has reached the 10 year mark, consider a new one.