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Written by appliancerepairwoodbridge

How A DIY Attitude Can Put Limit On Refrigerator Repairs

When a homeowner takes the time to keep a refrigerator well-maintained, the same appliance should not suffer frequent malfunctions. Thus it will not have to undergo repeated repairs. Fortunately, anyone with a DIY attitude can perform the simple tasks that manage to keep a fridge running smoothly.

Task #1: Cleaning the condenser coils

Remove all the dust, debris and pet hair. Attack those unwanted substances with a vacuum or a stiff brush. Understand that clean coils can work to keep a fridge at a suitably cool temperature. Hence, refrigerators with dirty coils fail to function properly.

Task #2: Monitoring the number of items on the fridge’s shelves

When the manufacturers make the shelves for a refrigerator, their minds allow them to picture a shelf with a limited number of foods. In the mind of the manufacturer, no item has been placed in front of a vent or a control. For that reason, the homeowner must try to copy the look for the shelf that has been pictured by the manufacturer.

The refrigerator shelf that gets depicted in print and TV advertisements resembles the one that appears in the manufacturer’s mind. It contains an average number of items. If the homeowner were to experiment, by trying to put more items on a single shelf, the fridge’s motor will have to cool overloaded shelves. Consequently, that appliance would be forced to work harder than had been deemed suitable.

If the homeowner tries to put too many things on any one of the fridge’s shelves, a couple of the shelved items could get placed in front of a vent or a control. Obviously, such placement impedes performance of those operations that work to keep the refrigerator in good working order. That fact highlights the reason for the cautionary statements, regarding an attempt to squeeze too many items onto any refrigerator’s shelf space.

Task #3: Regulate the weight of the fridge’s door

That door will become too heavy, if it has an excess of containers on its shelves. Someone with a DIY attitude should be ready to monitor the number and size of products that get stored in the home’s refrigerator. The monitoring operation works best, when someone can test for evidence of an effective door-utilization strategy.

The ideal test can be made by nothing more than a thin dollar bill. Put that bill on the door’s seal and close the door. Then try to remove the testing object (the dollar bill). If it comes out easily, the homeowner should plan ahead and should make time for shopping for a new refrigerator. If the bill does not come out, the door’s seal appears to be in excellent condition. And if it does, call in the appliance repair expert in Woodbridge.