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Guide To Troubleshooting Your Ice Maker

Once you’ve noticed that your ice-maker is no longer doing its job, feel free to check for yourself if you can fix the problem. If not, you can always call in the appliance repair service in Woodbridge. But before you get start, you absolutely need to unplug your refrigerator and turn off the water supply line.

Common Problems

• The pause feature is switched on
• There is a malfunction or setting in the water line
• The filter is clogged
• The inlet valve is faulty
• The thermostat is set too low

When It Simply Stops Working

Control Arm: The first thing you should do is check if the control arm is out of position since this is the part that is responsible for pausing the ice maker once the bin is filled up. If it has been moved or has completely fallen off, it can stop your ice maker from working entirely. After you’ve checked the manual, you may go and check if the pause feature is enabled.

Water line: You should also keep an eye on the water line since it may be switched off or clogged. You can do this by checking the water supply valve. It should not be shut off or blocked.

Filter: A clogged filter is also quite often found to be the perpetrator. This is because many don’t maintain it to the standards set by the manufacturer. If you can find any debris in your filter, clean it out and start following the instructions to avoid future problems.

Inlet Valve: Your inlet valve may be clogged, if not broken. Checking on this may involve you turning your fridge around so you can see the back where the valve is often located. But once you’ve found it, it should be easy to see if the screen or filter is clogged by debris. While you’re at it, you should also check on the line leading to the valve to ensure it’s neither bulging, nor restricted.

If you have now reached the point where you can rule out all of these potential causes, you can now go ahead and check if the water line is frozen. If that is the case, you can now whip out a hair dryer. Obviously, the refrigerator needs to be unplugged and the water supply line switched off for this. Following this, with your hair dryer, you will now defrost the line. Additionally, be sure to stay away from the water source with your dryer to avoid getting electrocuted.

After you’re finished, you may restore power and switch the water line back on. The water should now be running freely again. However, if it isn’t, or the water is discolored, you will need to contact a repair service to come take a look.