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Know More About Gas Grill Safety

Grillers love any excuse to break out the grill. You do have to stay safe when you use your gas grill to help avoid burns and fire, and your guests will enjoy food that is safe to eat. Here are some tips to have a wonderful time with friends and family, without any mishaps:

• Prepare food before it is on the grill.
• Always be aware of children, do not allow them play around the grill area.
• The grill should be stationed in a well-ventilated location, at least three feet from any wall or surface, never grill in an enclosed area like a carport, garage or porch.
• Liquid propane cylinders should always be upright during use and be stored in a cool, dry space away from other appliances.

Food Safety

contaminated food can lead to a host of ailments and that is why to stay as safety vigilant as possible always wash hands, utensils and surfaces with hot soapy water. Follow these tips for before and after handling raw meat and poultry.

• To avoid cross contamination, separate raw meats and poultry from ready-to-eat food items.
• Use clean utensils when removing cooked foods.
• Meat and poultry should be thoroughly cooked to kill bacteria. Refrigerate prepared foods and leftovers promptly.

Now You’re Cooking

The following internal temperatures are recommended for safety when you grill:

• Whole cuts of beef, veal, lamb and pork at 145ºF.
• Turkey, chicken and duck at 160 degrees.
• Fish should be cooked at 145º degrees

You should always let the meat rest at least three minutes before carving or consuming. If you are cooking foods with sauces or rubs and they contain sugars, keep your grilling temperature below 265ºF, as this is where sugar burns.

Keep it Clean

Dirty grills will flare-up, smoke and the food you cook will leave a bad taste in your mouth. Thus, it is best to always clean grates and burner covers at least two or three times a year with a strong solution of detergent and water. You can also use grill cleaner and scrub with a brush. Once you have rinsed allow the grill to completely air dry. You really will notice a difference if you grill often.

Controlling Flares

You should always control flare-ups, not fight them. Keep a section of your grill clear to move the food to if a flare-up occurs. Use fire retardant mitts to prevent burns. Use long-handled tools specifically for grilling. If a grilling fire begins to get out of control, shut off burners and gas if you can do so safely. You should use your best judgment as to whether or not you need to contact the fire department. Additionally, if there is any malfunction of the grill, call in the appliance repair service in Woodbridge.