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Plumbing Problems That Can Be Caused By Garbage Disposal

No other appliance becomes such an essential part of your home’s plumbing system. The garbage disposal has rotating blades and a high speed impeller. The blades grind the small bits of food, and the impeller sends that ground food into the septic tank. Hence a defect in the disposal can cause a plumbing problem.

By learning details on various problems, the homeowner discovers how to prevent further problems. The smart homeowner shares such information with the cook. A smart cook follows the homeowner’s suggestions and works to keep the kitchen sink free from plumbing-related concerns.

Slow draining should be viewed as evidence of a problem

Such slow draining might result from a jammed grinding blade. Think back to what meal preparation was done at the kitchen sink. Did some hard-to-grind item get thrown in the disposal’s hopper? If not, then did some item that contains stringy fibers get placed in that hopper?

A certain combination of liquids might have been responsible for the slow draining. Perhaps someone poured both grease and hot water down into the opening in the sink. That would have liquefied the grease. You should use cold water to wash down any item that goes into the disposal’s opening. You cannot reach into the hopper and deal with the liquefied grease, in the way that you would deal with a greasy pan. Still, you can use an abrasive product on the hopper’s walls. Get hold of some ice and some kosher salt. Pour them into the hopper, turn on the cold water and turn on the garbage disposal. By working together, those two products should rub away the substance that was fouling up the garbage-handling process.

What it means if the garbage disposal is leaking

First, identify the location of the leak. Until that can be identified, it becomes impossible to determine the best course of action. Have you observed leaking at the top, bottom or sides of the appliance?

Is the leak at the top, where a flange holds the disposal in place? If so, then remove that leaky device from the flange and reinstall it. If leaking persists, hire the appliance repair expert in Woodbridge to buy a new flange gasket, o-ring or splash guard.

Is the leak at the appliance’s bottom or sides? If that appears to be the case, then you will have to replace the gaskets. Once that replacement has been completed, be sure to tighten the connections.

Leaks can come from the body as well, or from the connection to the hopper. When leaking appears to come from either location, the solution involves a drastic change. The entire unit has to be replaced. That job should be carried out by a trained repair technician.