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Proven Ways To Clean A Clogged Drain In The Kitchen Sink

Just because water refuses to go down the drain in your kitchen sink, you should not assume that a clog exists somewhere on the other side of the drain’s opening. It could be that there is a problem with the garbage disposal. Check that appliance first; see if it is running. If it is, then proceed with the list of proven clog-clearing strategies.

Every strategy begins with the same step. It is a decidedly logical step: Remove any standing water. Whatever drain-clearing technique the appliance repair in Woodbridge intends to use, it will prove more effective if it does not get diluted by the standing water.

Techniques to try, from simplest to most demanding

Boil some water on your stovetop. Pour it down the opening that leads to the clogged region. If no results, move on to the next technique. Pour ½ cup of salt into the drain’s opening. Wash it down with boiling water. This approach represents a slight enhancement of the preceding technique. Yet it may not do the trick; if not proceed to the next strategy.

Fill the drain’s opening with 1 cup of baking soda. Add I cup of white or apple vinegar. You should expect some bubbles to form. Let the bubbly mixture sit for 15 minutes. Use boiling water to flush the same bubbly mixture down through the circular hole (drain) in the sink.

This next technique repeats much of what had been tried before. Add ½ cup baking soda to whatever substances have formed on the drain’s walls. Then add ½ cup of salt. Let the resulting mixture sit for several hours. At the end of that time span, flush down the soda and salt mixture, using boiling water. The final strategy calls for employment of a plunger. This can demand great effort on the part of the person that is must move that plunger up and down. It may be necessary to repeat that action several times, and even then the desired result cannot be guaranteed.

What to do if the clog has not gone away, following utilization of all those strategies

If you have access to any special plumbing tools, such as a snake, use that device. If you do not feel ready to act like a plumber, you will have to contact a professional that possesses a plumber’s skills. Explain the problem and the remedies that have been tried, up to that point in time.

Be prepared for whatever action the plumber must take. Sometimes some item that got misplaced has managed to stop-up the long drainage pipe underneath your kitchen sink. You must do your best to operate without a sink until that misplaced or lost item can be retrieved.