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Your appliances are not luxuries; they are necessities. We know this. And when you call us, we take your repairs very seriously. When you call the local professionals at KB Appliance Repair for professional appliance repair services in Woodbridge, we move immediately to ensure that your appliances are repaired quickly and efficiently. We have served the community with fast and expert appliance repairs for over 15 years.

Breakdowns are Inconvenient and Frustrating

Your appliances never break down at a convenient time. That is why we offer around the clock dispatch professionals. When you are experiencing an appliance breakdown, you need help now. In most cases, we can get your malfunctioning appliance up and running again the very same day. When you call our expert Woodbridge appliance repair service, you get fast and efficient service every time. Call us for:










You may not have experienced hanging clothes on the line to dry them. No doubt, air-dried clothing has a wonderful fresh, clean smell. But the inconvenience of hanging clothes to dry because your dryer is malfunctioning is not the optimum situation. Call the experts to keep your dryer functional so the only time you air dry your clothes is when you choose to. Call KB Appliance Repair Woodbridge if your dryer does the following or exhibits any other symptoms:

   Won’t run
   Isn’t getting hot enough or getting too hot
   Doesn’t spin


Perhaps one of the most convenient appliances in our home is the dishwasher. But when your dishwasher is broken down, it is far from convenient. If your dishes come out cloudy and dirty after a cycle, you may have a dishwasher malfunction on your hands. Not only are your dishes not getting properly clean but you may be hand washing them after a full cycle with dried on food particles. At KB Appliance Repair Woodbridge, we are able to get your dishwasher working properly again. Call us if your dishwasher does the following or exhibits any other symptoms:

   Dishes don’t get clean
   Turns off mid cycle
   Doesn’t fill
   Water doesn’t drain


Your kitchen is the heart of your home but with a stove or oven breakdown, it may be the frustrating part of the home. Without the ability to cook meals, take-out food will only get you by for so long. Whether you have a gas or electric range or oven, call the professional Woodbridge appliance repair experts at KB Appliance Repair when your stove or oven is malfunctioning. Call us if your oven or stove does the following or exhibits any other symptoms:

   Burners won’t ignite
   Oven door won’t open after clean cycle
   Oven elements aren’t heating
   Oven doesn’t keep consistent temperature
   Indicators don’t light or stay lit


In most homes, the refrigerator is considered the most important appliance in the kitchen. Keeping your food properly stored is no small feat. A refrigerator is not only one of the most inconvenient appliance breakdowns you can experience but also the cost of losing a whole refrigerator worth of groceries can be a great financial loss. Make sure that you call an appliance repair expert in Woodbridge when your refrigerator is showing signs of a breakdown. Call KB Appliance Repair if your refrigerator does the following or exhibits any other symptoms:

   Noisy operation
   Not keeping food cold
   Compressor cycles on and off
   Compressor fan stops


Envision piles of dirty clothes and you are envisioning a washer breakdown. A washer malfunction can be the ultimate in inconvenience, especially for a large and busy family. Call our professional team of appliance repair experts at KB Appliance Repair Woodbridge as soon as you experience signs of a washer malfunction. Call us if your washer does the following or exhibits any other symptoms:

   Excessive vibration
   Won’t turn on
   Won’t agitate
   Won’t rinse
   Clothes still dirty


Is your garbage disposal clogging and jamming? Today’s garbage disposals are more convenient than ever in the kitchen…when they are working. Typically a quick and easy fix, your garbage disposal can be back to working properly when you call your expert repair technicians at KB Appliance Repair Woodbridge. Call us if your garbage disposal does the following or exhibits any other symptoms:

   Jams and clogs
   Making excessive noise
   No power


Heating food quickly is the ultimate convenience of the microwave. But when your microwave malfunctions, there is nothing convenient about it. Call your appliance repair specialist in Woodbridge for a quick repair. Call KB Appliance Repair if your microwave does the following or exhibits any other symptoms:

   Isn’t heating food
   Turntable not turning
   Keypad not working

Prevention is Important

At KB Appliance Repair Woodbridge, we offer preventive maintenance plans so you can have peace of mind that your appliances are clean and working properly. As many as 90% of all repairs can be circumvented with proper periodic maintenance. And a well-maintained appliance is an efficient appliance. Call KB Appliance Repair to see how a regular maintenance plan can help keep breakdowns at bay.

Professional Appliance Installation

Don’t leave appliance installations to an amateur. When you are dealing with utility connections such as electricity, natural gas, or plumbing, the chances for something to go wrong are great for the average DIYer. Always have a trained professional install your appliances. They have the knowledge and tools to do the job correctly. Call the appliance installation professionals at KB.

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Choosing the right company for all your appliance repair needs is easy. When you are looking for expert appliance repair in Woodbridge, call the professionals at KB Appliance Repair. We are the company to trust in Woodbridge and the GTA for fast, efficient, and affordable appliance repairs.