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Tips For Washing Machine Maintenance

To keep cleaning your clothes, your washing machine also needs to be clean. Thus, if you start noticing a nasty smell in your clothes or an excessive amount of remaining stains after they just got out of the washing machine, you may have an unhappily dirty machine on your hands.To fix this issue, appliance repair expert in Woodbridge have put together a quick guide to things you can do to show your washing machine some love.

Check the hose: A smart thing to do that may also help you from facing disaster later on, is to inspect the hoses about once a month. Check for cracks and weird lumps, and while you’re at it, also make sure the fittings still sit tight.
Don’t Overload:Something you will need to look out for every time you use it, is to not overload your washing machine. If you stuff it to the brim every time, you can cause severe damage, not to mention that your clothes won’t even come out clean and will need to be rewashed. Simply breaking it down into smaller loads will be better all around.

Using the perfect amount of detergent: This is also vital since any excess amount will leave behind residue that will put a strain on your washer. If you find yourself having trouble with portioning, you can simply use pods which are already pre-measured.

Clean the machine: Something that should be obvious but may not be, is that you need to clean your washing machine. This includes the dispensers and will keep your clothes coming out fresh, no matter how old your machine is by now. A good way to take care of this, is to run an empty load of hot water mixed with two cups of white vinegar, and halfway through the cycle, add half a cup of detergent. Once the cycle is complete, your washing machine is ready to go again.

And while you’re in that cleaning stage, you may also quickly wipe down the door, drum and gasket with a solution of fifty-fifty water and vinegar. This will also keep your clothes from starting to smell.What you also have to learn to do, is to keep the door ajar after a load so it can air out between uses instead of trapping in weird smells.

No wet laundry: And finally, don’t leave wet laundry in your washer. It is a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Simply transfer your load to the dryer or hang it up as soon as the cycle is complete.