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Understanding Washer Water Level Settings

Every wash machine unit has its own set of settings that include cycle and water levels. When you put a load of laundry into your washing machine, you will want to know what water level setting is the most appropriate. How do you choose? You may want to save water, energy, and money so choosing the right water setting is going to make all the difference in the world.

Determining Maximum Load Size

First, you need to determine the size of your load. You want to do one load, not cram as many loads as you can inside one. The average size load on a top loading washer is approximately three to four cubic feet which can ultimately clean approximately twelve to sixteen pounds of laundry. The large capacity units can hold approximately twenty pounds total. You can find your washing machines capacity by checking your owner’s manual guide.

If you are still not sure or are unable to find it, you can bag up a load of clothes and weigh them before you put them inside the washer with water. This will give you an idea of how much you can wash at one time. For example, a twin sized bedspread can weight approximately four pounds prior to washing.

Setting the Washer Water Level

To set the right water level, you should first know what settings mean. There are normally three load settings on a top loading machine. These levels are small, medium, and large or it may say low, medium, and high. A small load can fill the washer to one-third of the way full. A medium load will fill the washer about half way and the large load will go up to approximately three quarters of the way full. You want to make sure that the laundry is placed inside the washing machine loosely, do not pack it tight.

How Washer Water Levels Work

Once you set the load size, you will then turn on your washing machine. The water will then begin to fill inside the drum. On the outside, there will be a pressure switch tube that will also fill with water. This tub pushes air toward the top of this tube. Once the fill level has been reached, the switch will then activate and the washer will stop filling up with water.

If your washing machine doesn’t seem to be filling up with water correctly, then there could be a problem with the water level switch. You will need to hire a professional to look into this unit for you and repair it as needed. If it is not the switch, the appliance repair professional in Woodbridge will know what to best try next in order to fix the problem.